We’re excited to be merging The Spanish Academy with My Language Lab!

We’ve come a long way since we began teaching in our living room… We started The Spanish Academy in Cardiff and as our team of tutors grew, we set up another centre in London, where our HQ is now based.

We noticed a trend of students wanting to learn languages online and tutors loving the independence of teaching on the go. So we created My Language Lab, offering 1:1 language classes online for those who want to embrace learning this way.

But fear not! We still continue to offer face-to-face lessons in Cardiff and London for existing and new students. After all, it’s where our story began and it didn’t make sense to stop teaching in either of these beautiful cities – pop in if you’re in the area and say ‘hola’!


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April 2014
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December 2013

Our first tutor Elena (still with us today!) joins the team

April 2014

The Spanish Academy launches in Cardiff

March 2015

The Spanish Academy launches in London

January 2018

My Language Lab idea grows

January 2019

My Language Lab site live

October 2019

The Spanish Academy merges with My Language Lab



1. Will you still be offering face-to-face classes in Cardiff and London?

Absolutely! We’ll still be accepting new students in Cardiff and London and continue teaching all you lovely people, it’s just that we’re also offering online classes as another method of learning.


2. Can I still book classes the same way?

We’ve launched a new online booking system. Head on over to our Prices page, select and pay for your package, your tutor will receive confirmation and you can go ahead and schedule your classes the usual way.


3. Will my timetable still be the same? 

It will! You’ll still be learning in the same location, with the same tutor and timetable – so no changes there.


You can contact us in the following ways:
– Email us at: hello@mylanguagelab.co.uk
– Call us on 0333 7720785 Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
– Use Live chat
– Search for FAQ’s and videos in our Support Centre


  1. Avatar
    Eleanor Morris-Reply
    30th March 2020 at 11:12 am

    Interested in some regular online Spanish lessons for year 10 student. Any availability would be great
    Please get in touch
    Eleanor Morris

    • Drew Rogers
      Drew Rogers-Reply
      30th March 2020 at 11:19 am

      Hola Eleanor,
      No problema! We’ve been tutoring Yr 10 students online for some time and would love to help.
      Please look out for our email which is winging its way to you!
      Hasta pronto,
      My Language Lab

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