Who are these Spanish classes suitable for?

These Spanish classes are suitable for students who have plans to move abroad to Spain or Spanish-speaking countries, either in the short-term or long-term. From our experience, students who have at least a reasonable command of the language find that they settle into their new homes and communities much better!

They’re also great for students who have homes abroad and travel regularly. We help students prepare before every trip and give them advice to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Classes incorporate learning everyday Spanish with a broad overview of topics including holiday topics and general conversation. Classes can also be tailored to a specialism you may be interested in such as job hunting and interview preparation, property searching, building and maintenance and so forth.

Check out our social media for videos of our trips abroad to catch up with students who’ve made the move and settled there with their families, found jobs and set up businesses.

Listening and speaking skills
Reading and writing skills
Sentence building with grammar and verb rules
Holiday and/or specialist Spanish topics
Hispanic culture and way of life
Textbook with interactive materials
Homework to keep you accountable!

What will you study?

Classes focus on developing speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. The majority of students are interested in improving their conversation and listening skills, therefore we place a lot of emphasis on this: after a short while, the majority of the class will be conducted in Spanish so that you’re fully immersed in the language reach fluency quicker.

Beginner’s students start with the basics and a broad overview of topics including holiday scenarios and everyday conversation (what you did on the weekend, work, family, holidays etc); classes can also be tailored to specialisms you’re interested in. For students with experience of the language who wish to take it to the next level, we’ll ensure you’ve covered the foundations and consolidate your knowledge so that you can build upon that.

Our classes also incorporate Spanish and Central/South American culture so you can learn about traditional customs, food and drink, festivals and travelling around Spanish speaking countries.

We’ll use a textbook in class as this provides structure and direction to your learning but language learning is very interactive so we’ll supplement that with lots of immersive material such as listening exercises, podcasts, videos, recommendations for vocab apps, films and series to watch on Netflix and so forth.

When and where are classes?

Our offices are based in London and Cardiff and upon request and depending on availability, we can arrange classes in our modern classrooms. Classes can also be arranged in student’s homes, offices and locally in libraries/coffee shops if you prefer.

We also specialise in online classes via Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts which offer whiteboard tools, chat, smart messaging, screen sharing, multimedia files and lesson video recording.

Our tutors offer flexible time slots in the daytime, evenings and weekends. Most students book a fixed weekly slot but you can book on an ad-hoc basis too. You can have as many classes per week as you like and pause when you need to.

Online classes
Classes in London and Cardiff
Flexible timetables
No monthly contracts or sign up fees
Pause or cancel anytime
Discounted block booking packages
Classes never expire
No-quibble money back guarantee

What’s included in the price ?

  1. 30-minute free Assessment this allows us to pinpoint your needs and motivation and show you how we can help you with your goals
  2. Tutor match reduce search overwhelm and let us personally match you up with one of our verified tutors suited to your level
  3. Learning materials access to our library of language resources including worksheets, podcasts, exam papers and study guides
  4. Personalised classes – to suit your needs so your confidence grows, you get real-life results and you achieve fluency quicker
  5. Lesson playback  classes can also be recorded on Zoom or Skype, handy for students who wish to playback the lesson for revision
  6. Progress Reports  to track learning, in-class assessment and recommendations for improvement
  7. Certifications – end of course certificates and professional references
  8. Support along the way – advice on travel, moving abroad and more.
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