Who are General Spanish classes suitable for?

Our General Spanish classes are suitable for students who wish to improve their everyday Spanish knowledge and want a broad overview of topics, including holiday Spanish and general conversation, whether for leisure, work, study or personal development.

Classes can also later be tailored to a specialism you may be interested in, for example, we currently have students interested in learning Spanish terminology in the medicine, law, cultural, sport and education sectors.

What’s covered in the classes?

Classes focus on developing reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary skills. The majority of students are interested in improving their conversation and listening skills, therefore we place a lot of emphasis on this: after a short while, the majority of the class will be conducted in Spanish so that you’re fully immersed in the language (not as daunting as it sounds!)

Usual ‘holiday Spanish’ topics covered include: about you, family, food and drink, shopping, directions, hotels, travelling, likes and dislikes, leisure time, weather and so on. You will then move onto general conversation (what you did on the weekend, work, family, holidays etc) and also specific issues in the news and the world around us.

Our classes also incorporate Spanish and Central/South American culture so you can learn about traditional customs, food and drink, festivals and travelling around Spanish speaking countries.

What materials and resources are used?

Students will need to purchase the core text book (if required); all supplementary resources and materials will be included in the class price, including a library of conversation podcasts, online resources and worksheets.

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