What topics will AS Level French students study?

The AS Level year is key for students as their predicted A2 Level grades are based on AS Level results. The transition from GCSE to AS Level can be significant due to the change in content matter studied – students focus on social and topical issues, mainly the media, education and work, healthy living, teenage social issues, popular culture, tourism, family relationships and gender issues.

Students are expected to develop their ideas on topical issues and express their opinions in sophisticated French using appropriate grammar constructions, vocabulary and verb tenses, as well as employing a wide range of opinions in order for the student to demonstrate to the examiner that he or she has proficient knowledge of French.

Students will study all core modules of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

How will AS Level French students be prepared for exams?

We will follow the appropriate syllabus of the exam board with the relevant AS textbook (or booklets), vocabulary worksheets and past exam papers. Students will be tutored not only on the course content, grammar, verbs and topic-specific terminology, but also on formulating and developing ideas and opinions, understanding underlying concepts and justifying their reasoning.

Various techniques such as mind-mapping, visual techniques and Q & A lessons will be used to prepare students for their exams. We will also consider exam objectives, how to learn from mistakes, improving translation skills so that sentences aren’t simply translated word for word, essay writing and planning, understanding what examiners are looking for and how to check work.

We place great importance on refining students’ exam techniques and therefore have an extensive library of French past examination papers, mark schemes, listening exams and controlled assessment resources which can be used to maximise pupils’ performance.

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