Who are Skype classes suitable for?

English Skype lessons are suited to anyone, anywhere. We teach a variety of different students English via Skype – adult learners, improvers, those studying towards a school or degree qualification, business English students and students who just want to improve their command of every day English conversation. Classes can also be tailored to a specialism you may be interested in. We will then move onto general conversation (what you did on the weekend, work, family, holidays etc) and also issues in the news and the world around us.  We also incorporate English culture into our lessons.

How are Skype classes conducted?

Everything that can be used in a face-to-face class can be replicated during a Skype class:

  • Listening – through the music player you will also be able to hear the listening exercises in the textbook. The tutor will be able to control the pause, rewind and play buttons so it is as if we are in class face to face.
  • Notes – there is also an Instant Messaging (IM) board so that we can write notes and corrections, these can then easily be copied and printed. You can also write notes on a notepad during the lesson if you wish.
  • Attachments – Skype easily allows for attachments to be emailed during the conversation if necessary. Prior to the lesson, we may also email you some relevant worksheets and homework so that you can prepare before the lessons starts, as explained above.
  • Browser pages – you are encouraged to have an online dictionary such as Word Reference open in another tab as we teach you so that it is a reference tool for you if you need it.
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