Who are Conversation English classes suitable for?

Conversation English classes are suitable for students who wish to improve their everyday English knowledge and want a broad overview of topics. They are a very effective way of focusing on your oral and discussion skills, suitable for students who already have some knowledge of English. Classes can also later be tailored to a specialism you may be interested in, for example, we currently have students interested in learning English terminology in the business, medicine, cultural, sport and education sectors. We have experience in discussing anything and everything!

What’s covered in the classes?

Classes focus mainly on speaking, however there will also be elements of English listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills as these are also much needed. You will be conversing mainly in English for the entire lesson about a variety of topics. We also incorporate English culture into our lessons.

You will be asked to email your tutor 2 articles of interest as a basis of discussion for the lesson, a few days before your lesson. Your chosen articles of interest can vary, from what you did on the weekend, to current affairs to TED Talks. You will need to read and study the content and vocabulary ready for a discussion in class. Who knows where the conversation will lead!

What materials and resources are used?

Your tutor will determine the appropriate textbook you will need to purchase for your English classes. All other supplementary resources and materials will be included in the class price, such as mp3 podcasts and worksheets. You will be provided with useful reference sheets which you can annotate, use and refer to during class to help guide you through the conversation. These sheets will help you to maintain a fluent conversation and will include guidance such as how to express your opinions, useful conversation phrases, ideas to start your sentences and how to connect sentences together.

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