KS2 & KS3 English tuition is aimed at students who are at the following key stages:

KS2: Years 3-6

Children learning at this stage will focus on, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Reading will focus on reading new words independently, understand themes, plots and ideas, recognising the use of figurative language and structure, comparing different writing styles and non-fiction texts. Writing is based on paragraphs, punctuation, connectives, clauses with commas, adverbs, possessive apostrophes, direct and reported speech and active and passive voice. Speaking and listening concentrates on performance skills, improvisation and speaking to an audience.



KS3: Years 7-9

Children learning English at KS3 will study four separate curriculum areas in English: Reading, Writing, Grammar and vocabulary and Spoken English. In reading, students will study English literature, pre-1914 and contemporary, including prose, poetry and drama, Shakespeare and world literature. Writing will focus on essays, stories, scripts, poetry and other imaginative writing, notes and scripts for talks and presentations and a range of other texts, including arguments, and personal and formal letters. Grammar and vocabulary includes analysing more challenging texts, picking up new vocabulary and grammar, understanding the differences between written and spoken English including formal and informal registers, and Standard English and using linguistic and literary terminology to discuss reading, writing and spoken language. Spoken English centres around using Standard English confidently in a range of contexts including speeches, debates and presentations, improvisation, performing play scripts and poetry.


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