What topics will A2 Level English students study?

We recognise the importance of students passing this crucial final stage in order to progress to university, further education or the world of work.

A2 Level English focuses on the following elements: analysing textual variations and representations across a range of texts on various subjects, writers, audiences and genres, in its wider social and geographical contexts. A2 level students will build upon the above with methods of language analysis to explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation.

Special emphasis is placed on essay writing techniques as well as film and literary influences, character analysis, authors and film directors and textual styles. Students will also analyse many themes and issues arising from both texts and understand the related concepts.

Students will be taught all core modules in order to demonstrate to the examiner that he or she can proficiently handle the demands of English at A2 Level.

How will A2 Level English students be prepared for exams?

We will follow the appropriate syllabus of the exam board with the relevant A2 Level textbook, booklets, worksheets and past exam papers. Special attention will be placed on formulating and developing ideas and opinions, understanding underlying concepts and justifying reasoning. Students will be taught mind-mapping techniques, exam objectives, how to learn from mistakes, improving essay writing and planning skills, understanding what examiners are looking for and how to check work.

We have a database of past exam papers and resources for all exam boards in England and Wales. We also have a library of literary texts and films that students will be studying on the syllabus.

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