English A level exam results

We’re specialists in online exam tuition across all exam boards in England and Wales including AQA, Edexcel, Cambridge, WJEC and Eduqas. Our English GCSE, IGCSE and A level students consistently achieve grades 9-7 for GCSE, A*-B for A Level and get into their top choice universities including Cambridge, King’s College, UCL, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Reading and Cardiff.

We recognise the importance of students passing this crucial final stage in order to progress to university, further education or the world of work.

Check out our latest reviews from exam students and our results videos for a breakdown of the exam grades.

Qualified English A level exam tutors
All exam boards including Edexcel and Cambridge International
Consistently high exam results
Access to top-choice universities
Syllabus literature
Writers, audiences & genres
Audience, purpose, genre, mode & representation
Essay writing skills
Language components
Past exam paper practice
Revision techniques
Weekly homework

What will A level English students study?

We follow the appropriate syllabus of the exam board using A level textbooks, our in-house topic booklets and past exam papers and listening materials. Students will study all core modules of reading, writing, speaking and listening and are expected to develop their ideas on current affairs by expressing their opinions using appropriate grammar constructions, vocabulary and verb tenses.

We start revising exam techniques as early as possible so students are familiar with the question format for each paper and what’s expected from them by the examiners. Strategies such as mind-mapping, effectively using flash cards, preparing model Q&As, expanding sentences, examining mark schemes and more will be used to prepare students.

AS Level English focuses on the following elements: analysing textual variations and representations across a range of texts on various subjects, writers, audiences and genres, in its wider social and geographical contexts. Students will build upon the above with methods of language analysis to explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation.

A2 level students will build upon the above with methods of language analysis to explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation.

Special emphasis is placed on essay writing techniques as well as film and literary influences, character analysis, authors and film directors and textual styles. Students will also analyse many themes and issues arising from both texts and understand the related concepts.

Most lessons will follow the following format:

  1. Lesson recap – from last week’s class in case there are any follow-up questions
  2. Syllabus topic work – we’ll study all relevant syllabus texts
  3. Literature analysis – focus will be on critical analysis, essay writing and analysing study guides
  4. Language – we’ll always study language components during every lesson
  5. Past exam paper practice – we’ll study past papers and exam techniques to consolidate revision strategies and maximise grades
  6. Homework – there will be homework most weeks and students will be given access to the lesson resources, handouts and message board corrections made in class.

What’s included in the tuition class price?

  1. 30-minute free Assessment – to pinpoint the exact areas you need help with and create a study plan to reach those goals before exam day
  2. Exam tutor match – teaching English A level is a specialist skill; our tutors have knowledge of the syllabus and exam board requirements
  3. All teaching and exam materials – including past papers, handouts, literature analysis, templates, study guides and more
  4. Lesson playback – classes can also be recorded on Zoom or Skype, handy for students who wish to playback the lesson for revision
  5. Progress Reports – to track learning, in-class assessment and recommendations for improvement
  6. Guidance – with homework, school assessments and mock exams
  7. Direct support – reach out to your tutor if you’re stuck or need some help
  8. Add-on services – essay/homework submission, UCAS consultations and private exam candidate consultations.

No monthly contracts or sign up fees

Pause or cancel anytime

Discounted block booking packages

Classes never expire

No-quibble money back guarantee

Online classes
Flexible timetables
Pause during half-term and holidays

When and where are classes?

Our offices are based in London and Cardiff and upon request and depending on availability, we can arrange classes in our modern classrooms. Classes can also be arranged in student’s homes, offices and locally in libraries/coffee shops if you prefer.

Most students are taught online via Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts which offer whiteboard tools, chat, smart messaging, screen sharing, multimedia files and lesson video recording.

Our tutors offer flexible time slots in the daytime, evenings and weekends. Most students book a fixed weekly slot but you can book on an ad-hoc basis too. You can have as many classes per week as you like and pause when you need to.

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