We a broad range of experience in tutoring students who are taking GCSE, AS and A2 Level examinations, through all examination boards in England and Wales including WJEC, AQA, Edexcel, OCR and IB. Our depth of understanding, 18 years’ of experience (when we first launched as The Spanish Academy) as well as tuition on examination practices and proven examination techniques will ensure your child is suitably guided through what can be a stressful period. We also tutor students who are taking GCSE, AS and A2 Level English as external, private candidates.

Our English tuition classes focus on the syllabus and requirements of that particular exam board. Our tutors have a sound knowledge of the requirements of the examination syllabus, module guidelines and grade boundaries. Examinations and assessments are susceptible to changing frameworks and so parents and pupils will have peace of mind that we are up to date with these changes. We have an extensive library of past examination papers, mark schemes, transcripts, listening exams and controlled assessment resources for students, which can be used well before the run-up to exams to maximise students’ performance.

All students studying for English GCSE, AS and A2/A levels will be tutored in the following examination techniques:

Exam fundamentals

Answering questions in context and approaching different styles of questions, e.g. gap fill, matching up sentences, box-ticking, translation and synonym work.

Exam objectives

Understanding what examiners are looking for by adhering to mark scheme guidelines in order to achieve the highest possible marks.

Ambiguous exam questions

Coping with ambiguous questions and how to avoid common pitfalls by pinpointing the question asked.

Listening skills

Improving listening skills by practising past listening papers and fine-tuning understanding of mp3 podcasts.


Learning from common mistakes and ensuring students don’t repeat them, particularly easily-avoidable errors.


Reviewing important topic-related terminology, synonyms, grammatical constructions and appropriate use of verbs and tenses.

Translation skills

Using cognates, synonyms and suffixes/prefixes to translate into English and English and vice versa to refine the meaning of texts.

Essay writing

Improving skills with mind-mapping techniques and with the use of sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.

Exam marks

Understanding how exam questions are weighted for each module and the answers required by examiners.


Following guidelines so that students can plan their way effectively through the exam paper, including question order strategies.

Checking your work

Checking exam answers and using the allotted exam time wisely.


Organising revision timetables, utilising coping strategies and maximising learning time.

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