Thinking out loud: Our online Spanish tutor Natalia

Thinking out loud: our bilingual Spanish and English tutor Natalia has worked with some impressive clients: Netflix, Universal, Sony Music, Bon Jovi, J-Lo, Foo Fighters, Vogue, The UN, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Cannes Festival, the Environment Agency and a ton more! She lives and breathes Spanish - watch her video here to see what motivates her students, helps memory
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Introduction of MFL Teacher Bursaries by the UK Government

“The inspirational role of a talented, dedicated and committed teacher can never be understated and is the one constant that all of us can remember from our time at school.” - Education Secretary Gavin Williamson. The words from the UK Education Secretary will no doubt resonate amongst teachers in the UK. When you think back to your time in school,
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Visit To Amsterdam: Discovering A High Level Of English Spoken By Dutch Citizens

We recently travelled to Amsterdam for a short weekend trip, enjoying the beautiful sites such as the canals and picturesque streets. No matter what time of the year you visit Amsterdam you’ll always find great people, food and drink. During our stay, there was one thing that really stood out and something that always comes to mind. The Dutch speak
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Vlog: How long does it take to learn a foreign language?

Watch our 1-minute video from founder Drew and discover how long it takes you to become fluent in a foreign language. Drew discusses the various factors that determine how quickly you can learn a new foreign language. By dedicating one hour a day to language learning, your pronunciation skills, everyday vocabulary, foundation grammar and verb skills will all be improved

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