We have serious FOMO swiping through our tutor Marina’s photos from Formentera! She landed in Ibiza and then hopped over to the island with her sister to spend some quality time together. 6 months ago, Marina was loving life in Cardiff teaching Spanish in our centre there but Covid changed everything for her. She missed her family too much and
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Language students at university – your year abroad

“That time I packed all my belongings into two suitcases and arrived alone in this small city after midnight.” For language students at uni who’re about to start their year abroad, there’s tons of thoughts running through your mind before you move to a new country. I’m rewinding aaaall the way back to my experience when I lived in Santiago
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Thinking out loud: Our online Spanish tutor Natalia

Thinking out loud: our bilingual Spanish and English tutor Natalia has worked with some impressive clients: Netflix, Universal, Sony Music, Bon Jovi, J-Lo, Foo Fighters, Vogue, The UN, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Cannes Festival, the Environment Agency and a ton more! She lives and breathes Spanish - watch her video here to see what motivates her students, helps memory
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Post Brexit thoughts: speaking a second language is a valuable commodity

It’s been 10 days since Britain left the European Union and there were mixed emotions across the nation. Amongst the huge celebrations, there were also tears for many reasons. From an economic perspective, there were concerns surrounding the impact of business, trade and the education sector. The focus for My Language Lab was mainly in relation to the education sector
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Brexit Update – Erasmus Student Exchange 2020

As we begin a new year and new decade, the academic year is one that should be filled with exciting advanced technologies and innovative systems to help our students. Instead it’s a feeling of negativity, which looms large due to Brexit. This will not only affect the educational sector within Britain but also students choosing to travel and study abroad. 
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Why do people choose Paris as a destination to live, work or study?

Known to many as the city of love and romance, filled with quirky cafés and tasty croissants, it’s clear why people decide on living in the “city of love.” It’s beautiful architecture, food and history draw people in from all corners of the globe.  After recently visiting Paris we decided to research in more detail about France’s economy, it’s education
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Introduction of MFL Teacher Bursaries by the UK Government

“The inspirational role of a talented, dedicated and committed teacher can never be understated and is the one constant that all of us can remember from our time at school.” - Education Secretary Gavin Williamson. The words from the UK Education Secretary will no doubt resonate amongst teachers in the UK. When you think back to your time in school,
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Thomas Cook Collapse | The Impact On The Travel and Leisure Industry

Thomas Cook was the world’s oldest travel company with around 22,000 staff worldwide, completing 178 years of business. With around 19 million customers a year and £9bn annual sales, Thomas Cook was successfully operating in 16 countries. However, in recent years the company have openly declared financial difficulties months before their announcement. In September 2019, the global company announced bankruptcy.
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How are we different from your average learning provider?

There are many language schools, academies and agencies in London, Bristol and Cardiff, and sometimes it’s a little tricky to know which one to go with. You may find yourself asking, “What is the difference between them anyway?” The Spanish Academy is, evidently from its name, an academy rather than an agency. Often agencies are large organisations, which have hundreds

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