Spanish and Latin American Events


What happened to Spain in the 2018 Russia World Cup?

The world cup stage was set and Spain were touted to be one of the favourites to take the famous trophy home again. They have a team filled with superstars but sometimes, even the best quality does not always guarantee success and that was proven in the end. Spain were eliminated from the World Cup for a number of reasons.

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Día de los Muertos

We are seeing more and more about the mysterious Día de los Muertos every year around Halloween, but many people are still “in the dark” about what it is for and what is represents. I’m here to settle a few of those uncertainties! When, where and who? Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a two-day festival

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Benefits of watching a Spanish “peli”

There is no doubt that for learning languages, textbooks, grammar books, vocabulary lists and worksheets are great – they give you heaps of useful words, essential grammar constructions and verbs that are conjugated in every possible tense. However, while knowing the “facts and figures” of a language is essential to be able to correctly express oneself, there are many other
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Colombians and Britons – Cultural Differences

To follow on from my discussion on languages and translation from last week with my Colombian and British family, this week I’d like to highlight some interesting cultural differences that I’ve noticed throughout my Colombian family’s stay here in England. Keep reading to have a glance at the differences that I found most striking. Expressing emotions Firstly, I’ve noticed that

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Steak and Tango, anyone?

Ché, if you’re planning a trip to South America, make sure Buenos Aires is high up on your list of places to visit.  With an energetic scene of steak, wine and tango, an intriguing Italian inspired culture and a Spanish that will throw you, Buenos Aires cannot be missed. Keep reading for the ins and outs on the Argentinean food

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Enjoy the sabor de latinoamérica in London!

With around 200,000 Latin Americans estimated to be living in London, it’s no big surprise that the city has its fair share of Latino culture. For us Spanish speakers, there’s no better place to impress the natives with our brand spanking new expressions than at London’s very best Latino dance classes, film festivals, concerts, performances and conferences, just to name

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¡Vamos pa’ Latinoamérica!

Planning on hiking your way up Machu Picchu in the historical town of Cuzco, Peru? Or perhaps you’d rather experience a glorious rainbow over the Iguazú Falls in Argentina whilst feasting on a sizzling steak and “papas fritas” and savouring a delicious glass of local Malbec? Whatever your plans may be for your trip to Latin America, they will most

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