Why I’m amazed/curious about Netflix’s ‘Spelling the Dream’

Why do certain groups of children ace the US Spelling Bee competitions, year after year? What can we learn from their success? So I just finished watching ‘Spelling the Dream’ on Netflix and I was amazed at how Indian American children were consistently winning these spelling competitions, year after year. I mean, English isn’t even these children’s parents’ first language!
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What does the future hold for face-to-face learning?

Here’s what I touch upon in the latest video: 1. Most of our students have been learning online and this trend has been growing exponentially year after year. 2. On the whole, most have found it to be a positive experience, are comfortable with this medium and will continue this way. 3. On the flip-side, some miss having a physical
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Virtual UK university tours and open days after Coronavirus

University campus tours and open day events were, in previous years, a great way to give prospective applicants and parents a great impression of their future university. The coronavirus pandemic has all but put an end to leisurely travel to the UK but universities are quickly adapting to provide virtual tours and open day events in lieu of physically attending.
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What will UK universities look like from Autumn 2020?

Intake levels 1. There could be a drop in students - many universities are still charging the same fees as before the virus but with no contact hours. Some applicants might question the value that they receive if distant learning models are somewhat passive. 2. There’ll be more students appealing A level results and choose to defer a year/resit exams.
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Using mock exam results to determine final exam grades in 2020

The potential problems with using mock results to determine final exam grades in 2020 1. Grade boundaries aren’t standardised across schools which can impact the results; sometimes teachers are less lenient as they don’t want students to feel complacent before the final exam. 2. Not all schools follow the scheme of work chronologically so students aren’t tested on the same
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2020 Coronavirus exam cancellations – ‘Do I need to bother revising for my GCSE and A level exams?’

'I’m gutted I won’t be able to sit my exams' - 'My teacher doesn’t like me, I’m worried I’ll be marked down' These are some of the many messages we’ve received from our worried students. To all our GCSE, A-level and Degree level students, you're not alone and we've got some advice for you on how to handle the next
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